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Bottles of Wine

This is a very convivial and social group enjoying good wine and learning about it at a presentation six times a year.

We meet on a Monday at 8 pm in the Blackford Reading Room - an ideal venue.  Rob Tennuci circulates a list of dates by email well in advance and the Mondays that suit the majority are chosen.

At each meeting a presentation of wines is given, usually of about 10 or 11 bottles.  A topic is chosen - a country, a region, certain grapes, a theme.  Information about the wine is presented, with some knowledge usually researched by the presenter on the grapes, terroir and vintage.  Some of the wine is white, some red.  £120 is available for each tasting, so some good wine can be presented.

Members offer to do the presentations (although that is not obligatory).  Occasionally a visiting expert is invited.  Tony Beadles arranges the programme.

At present we have 16 members.

The cost of an evening is £12.50 per member.

Each member is asked to pay in advance £27.50 for three presentations.  Nick Arnot organizes the finances. 

Dates for 2022

10th January

14th March

9th May

11th July

12th September

14th November

Dates for 2023

9th January


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Tony Beadles –

Nick Arnot -

Rob Tennuci -


Planting Boxes

For the princely sum of £5 per annum join our gardening club and receive discount vouchers to redeem against your plant purchases from Castle Gardens in Sherborne throughout the year. Come and enjoy Bi Annual gardening talks from local experts in addition to an annual outing to a speciality garden within the county.  For further information click on the "Get in Touch" button below.